The Neon Moon Lenormand is an expanded Lenormand deck with 54 fully illustrated cards set in a retro-futuristic cyberpunk world using the archetypes and themes of a Lenormand deck. You can expect a gritty urban hi-tech setting with a limited neon palette and heavy black inks. Cyberpunk themes introduced in the Neon Moon Tarot continue throughout this deck which could be used as a companion deck alongside it or stand on its own.

Aside from the standard 36 Lenormand cards, I’ve included an additional 18 that extend the options that one can read with, including more options for the signifier cards that are now titled "Person". It can be used as a regular Lenormand deck, an Oracle deck, or just a pretty playing card deck, according to your preferences.

The Neon Moon Lenormand lives in its own setting and does its best to bring you along. It comes with a guide book (full PDF available under the "Book" header above) to help you along the way, complete with instructions on performing readings, an overview of some Lenormand spreads, and quotes and meanings associated to each of the 54 cards.