"In our seldom-heard subconscious are depths that our waking selves rarely reach. Let us be explorers of a different kind! Let us delve into the depths of our light and shadow, finding the smooth and rough boundaries of our mind."

The Teknebrae Tarot is a Cyberpunk Tarot deck following the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition(Often shortened to RWS). Like my Neon Moon Tarot before it, it offers full illustrations in a limited color palette for each of the 78 cards and is set in a gritty futuristic technical world. Robots, cyborgs, AI, enhanced cybernetics, loose flowing clothing and a diverse cast of characters populate this deck and bring its setting to life. I’ve additionally included card titles based on(but not a 1 to 1 match with) their Golden Dawn titles.

This website provides card themes and meanings for your own clarity. If you have a stronger association with a card that contradicts the meanings given here, then go by your own interpretation. Above all, this is meant to be a helpful guide, not a dictator.

If you are reading with inversions, the term “Well-defined” here may be considered an upright card, and “Ill-defined” may be considered an inverted one.

Tarot decks appeal to different people for different purposes. Some just like having an artistic collectible. Others use them for card games like Tarrochini. Some use them for occult purposes and divination. Others use them for self-reflection and self-improvement work. Whatever your usage is, my hope is that this deck will serve you well.