Hello, adorable! The Adorabyssal Oracle brings thirty-six original illustrations of supernatural, mythological, and cryptozoological creatures from around the world to the palm of your hand in their cutest incarnations!

The Adorabyssal Oracle pulls double duty as both an Oracle deck for your day-to-day meditations and divinations as well as a quick and easy card game. The design for both is meant to be simple enough for kids to pick up and interesting enough for adults to enjoy.

Every card features edge-to-edge artwork of these horrible adorables, an associated element, and a keyword based on their unique history. A guide booklet that includes brief blurbs on the folklore, themes of the creatures, and rules for the Adorabyssal card game comes with each deck. All in a small size with a custom tuck box that makes it easy to pocket and take with you on the go.

However you choose to use your Adorabyssal deck, it is my hope that these cute and spooky creatures will bring some fun to your day!